...Why most Los Angeles be so far away. Okay true I do live in Southern California, but on a work night it is the longest fucking drive you could think of. I want to go to the Troubadour Wednesday night dammit and not only is it sold out, but even if I could find a ticket the drive is enough for me to pass on it. Fuck Fuck Fuck.

the phone call every parent dreads...

"Hello spencer's mother, this is Officer Popo with the Temecula police department." I've been sick for a week he's damn lucky I got up and took a shower today and actually got dressed. So he got pulled over because somebody saw a girl get into the trunk of his car. Apparently there wasn't room for her in the car because he had four other people in there with him, yes the kid who is 16 and has a provisional license. Yes, the kid that is told every time he leaves the house that he can't let anybody under 20something in his car. He fucking didn't listen. I am so pissed. I knew two of the kids would be Cy and Tanya, I had no idea who the other kids would be. Turned out to be Dana and some boy, both of whom I don't know. I just burst out crying when I got there. Most of the cops were very nice. They explained that they could have impounded the car but figured he was going to be in enough trouble once he got home. He really screwed up and I can't freakin believe it. I'm so hurt that he just fucked everything up. He has to go to court March 16th and see a judge who will most likely take his license until he is 18. Gawd, I am so pissed right now. So I get him in my car and we leave, by this time Cy's dad shows up to pick him up and asks who he was with and Cy says Spencer. Cy's dad says that he isn't even suppose to be friends with him because Spencer is the kid he got in trouble with for smoking pot. Um, okay I know I busted my son with some girl about smoking pot, but if he busted his kid with my kid why would I not get a phone call. Anyway, banning your kid from being friends with someone isn't the answer, or at least I don't think so. Cy certainly didn't hold a gun to Spencer's head and tell him to smoke, and vice-versa, but whatever. Ugh I'm so mad right now I can't even type any more.

Let's try this again, shall we...

I'm horrible at keeping up with this lj thing, just as bad as keeping in contact with friends. I've been a slacker lately and I'm ashamed to admit it. I'm lazy. Really I am. It's horrible. I have an empty cup that is sitting right in front of me that has been here longer than three weeks. I see it every single time I sit down and most of the time I don't even tell myself to remember to pick it up when I'm done. That's right, it's there, I know it's there, and I don't care. I haven't cleaned this office in well I can't even remember the last time. I did clean my house for the Xmas company we had two weeks ago, but I skipped the office. If anybody came in here and I'm sure they did they all know I'm lazy and I don't care. I have stacks of crap that needs to be filed. I have tons of pictures that need to be scanned (another started project, don't even ask). I have cds out that I haven't even bothered to return to their rightful place and I don't care. Well I do, somewhat, but not enough to actually get up and do anything about it right now, or tomorrow, probably not even the day after that.

Yesterday was my birthday, my third annual 40th birthday. I went to the happiest place on earth with two of my favorite people and had the best day ever. I even got an annual pass. It was hard not to since I had to pay no out of pocket money whatsoever, well that day anyway. I got in free for my bday, then if you get the pass they let you apply the amount of a one day ticket toward said pass. My cousin gave me a gift card which I also applied toward the pass and now they are offering payment plans for the pass, so my payments are $20 a month for the rest of 2009. Isn't that freakin awesome? I can't wait to go back.

Batman, toddlers, and idiots

Just saw the Dark Knight with Spencer today. I loved it. I couldn't help but think what a waste of good talent every time Heath was on screen. Makes me so sad. There were a few people there that brought toddlers with them. What the fuck is wrong with some people? Not only is it not a movie for young children but to ask them to sit still for two and a half hours is just ridiculous. If I would have been sitting closer to them I would have asked them to please step outside with their screaming children. There were three guys in front of us that kept text messaging people. It was annoying the crap out of me. One was trying to be discreet and hold his hand over the phone, but hello asshole, the person right behind you can still see the screen just as clearly as you can. Idiots.
scooter girl


I had a horrible nightmare last night. Spencer and I were going to see Paul Weller at the Wiltern. We were running super late and had what seemed like a few hours drive just to get there. Once in Los Angeles all these weird people from my past were there. One that stuck out the most was my cousin Danny. I haven't seen him in years so it was strange to see him in my dream. It wasn't him now, but him when he was my son's age. Very odd. So it's late, we've missed the opening band and as I'm trying to find parking Spencer says, "so you have the tickets right?" What the fuck, I didn't have the tickets and I start to panic. I scream at him for not asking that question as we're pulling out of our driveway as if it's his fault I forgot the dumb tickets. Poor kid. Anyway, I woke up in such a panic. I swear I was almost hyperventilating. I had to go find my tickets just to calm myself.
Mexico sunset

Just need to vent.....

This is for the two girls that pissed me off this morning.

Guess what dumb-ass. When making a right hand turn on a green you have the right-of-way. That's right you don't have to wait for the cars across the street that are turning left to go, you get to go first. Imagine that you fucking idiot. When someone is sitting behind you honking their horn you might want to think about it before giving them the finger. You also might want to think about the consequences of that little gesture. Had you just went on your merry little way I would have too, but no you had to give me the finger as if I was the one that had done something wrong. Did I scare you when I swerved two lanes to get behind you. I think I must have because when you got caught at the light and I got in the lane next to you and told you to roll down your window you looked as if I were a crazy lady. You betcha you little bitch. Oh and what an example you are for the two year old you had in the car seat. If you would have rolled down the window I would have just a few things to say. First of all, where in the hell did you get your license? Oh let me guess you don't have one. Then I would have told you that when making a right hand turn on a green you have the right of way. I would have then said that you obviously don't follow direction very well because if you did you would have known that you take your pills every day not every other day, that way you wouldn't have ended up with the baby in the back seat you stupid dumb chick. As for your little friend sitting shot-gun, I'm pretty sure I've seen her around town before. I hope for your sake that I don't run into either of you again when I'm PMSing and late for work. Goddess only knows what could happen.